“An active mind cannot exist in an inactive body”. For most women, active wears do a double duty with the help of which they are able to exercise, yoga, spin etc. Since it’s a rage these days, it also adds to her fashion statement. Ladies do get together for breakfast dates in their gym clothing.

Women like to look nice while they are working out, it boosts confidence. It is not always about wearing those long old sweaty t-shirts to hit the gym or a yoga class.

 The main agenda of designing activewear was for sports activities. There was a certain criterion that had to be met.

The most important aspects are:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Soft base
  3. Stretchy 
  • Lightweight so it doesn’t weight you down.
  • Soft so it doesn’t irritate the skin while moving around,
  • Stretchy so that you can keep a full ambit of your motion. These three aspects are prudent for work uniforms also. Obviously, no one would like to wear an itchy heavy, uncomfortable outfit to work.

Moisture-draw fabric works by moving perspiration away from the skin, it leads it to the outer layer of the cloth so that it evaporates.

A thoroughly absorptive material like synthetic fiber is required to absorb the sweat away.

Wool is also a moisture-wicking fabric, but is not so welcomed as synthetic materials because of the weight it carries and that it absorbs a lot of heat which ultimately leads to sweat.

Synthetic fabrics are a classic for active wear since they are commonly lightweight and stretchy. Polo shirts modeled from moisture-wicking fabrics are becoming a wave because of their transition between performance fabric and semi-formal style.

It can also be named as athletic wear, assembling in various patterns and colors. It is being carried by women of all age numbers, irrespective of the fact that they’re working out or not. It is more about the choice and comfort that females opt for.

The best thing about this clothing option is that it needs minimum outfit planning and is easy to carry. It is good to look fit and flatter, is it not it.

The trend of this athleisure started nearly in the 1970’s when the world got aware of fitness benefits. Casual and sports clothing means comfortable clothing and there is nothing which is better than synthetic fabric active wears.

It’s the new casual and more than a trend. Ranging from sports, fashion and comfort, slowing turning to be a cult.

It has aesthetics of two worlds that is sports and fashion creating a positive feedback loop of staying healthy and living healthier hence leading way to a better life. These are all about perceptions that people consider according to their choices.

In 2006 Kelton research conducted a survey through lucy that women across the world are ditching their jeans and hopping onto sportswear, they would consider it as an on the go apparel.

One in three women says that when they’re running errands they’re more comfortable in activewear than anything else.

Keeps moms on the Move, what’s better.

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