Best Leggings for Women: The 14 Absolute Best for Workout

Looking for leggings that move, lift and are a perfect fit? At Queen Ruler, we have the most comfiest and cute leggings to flatter every figure. Whether you are into sports, yoga or workout, you can choose from the hottest selection of leggings in different sizes, colors and styles.


Best workout leggings for women

A reader asks our personal training stylist: “ Just recently, I enrolled to a gym. I need a best workout legging- overwhelmed with selections available online. I will be performing mainly cardio and strength training- lunges, squats, circuits etc. But I need a great all rounder legging that will prolong and not fall apart as I will progress over the coming months”


What are some of the best workout leggings available?

The best workout leggings are those that will gear up and reliably support your active workout lifestyle and training. These should be

  • Made of high-quality fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Last many washes
  • Of right size
  • Soft and smooth to feel
  • Sweat absorbent
  • High waisted
  • Snug fit


Benefits of choosing Leggings over Shorts

  • Leggings move freely and protect your skin
  • Leggings are body hugging and fit perfectly
  • Leggings are sweat wicking
  • Leggings are more comfortable
  • Leggings stimulate blood flow and reduce lactic acid build up
  • Leggings are available in more interesting designs and prints

The most bought and highly reviewed workout and sportswomen leggings on Queen Ruler are “Never Too Late Workout Leggings”. Below are other recommendations that vary in sizes, styles and price range.


The 14 best workout leggings for women for all budgets and workout types.


1. Never Too Late Workout Legging


Buyer says: Love this legging! It fits spot on and its white over black design is adorable. It stays comfortable, lightweight and has a good rise up to belly button.

Never Too Late Workout legging is a supportive, super sleek and comfortable legging. It fits tightly on the calves, accentuates your curves and offers solid foundation for any type of exercises you perform- stretch, bend, squat. The low friction, soft, anti-microbial, and long-lasting polyester fabric used makes it a timeless staple for your wardrobe. Winter or summer alike, this legging contours flawlessly on the body without losing its elasticity or thread strength. Never Too Late Workout Legging is best to wear for workouts but they are also suitable for running and yoga. This legging tucks your belly and slims you down by pressing down extra flesh in key areas. The sweat absorbing fabric helps during cardio workouts.



2. Train Hard Leggings


Buyer says: Before I was skeptical about buying this legging as it is priced super low, but now I have 5 pairs of them and I’m planning to buy more! I like the stretch factor and its high waist. It feels great and comfy. There is no seethrough and color fade after washes.

This is a breathable legging made with high quality and durable fabric. Designed by independent designers from around the world, Train hard leggings are available in a variety of sizes. These closely fit your legs and seamlessly follow the curves to tuck the unnecessary mass and gives you a solid hourglass figure. The grey polyester and spandex material used in fabric gels together nicely with a wide range of t-shirts. You can wear this for running, fitness training, yoga, workout or for casual walks. It raises up to high waist which tucks the tummy, makes you feel good about yourself and motivates you to get better from the day one.



Buyer says: I rarely write reviews, but I had to write one for these leggings- best leggings ever! I appreciate the colors. Also the reinforced stitching- definitely passes squat test. It is not baggy and there is no see-through and tucks my belly quite well.

Sexy Tails legging is a striking, stylish, and multicolored workout legging that offers you the exact support and flair. As it is crafted especially for women, the fabric is soft, stretchable and lightweight. Unlike the ill-made leggings, print on this doesn’t fade away. The highest performance fabric stretches and blends to any movement that makes it also suitable for yoga, gymnastics and other demanding workouts. It hugs the body perfectly in all seasons and during hot summer workouts, you don’t have to worry about the formation of sweat stains. The high elastic waistband design offers strong and firm hips and squeezes the tummy inside.



Buyer says: I have been hooked to these leggings. These leggings are not made of ultra-sporty shiny fabric, just what I was looking for. Not too tight or loose, these leggings are perfect. I start off my morning yoga workout feeling great wearing these every day.

Every yogi seems to rate Tree of Nature Leggings with 5 stars and a great review. It is one of our best selling leggings on queen ruler. But minimalistic and stretchable design makes this legging also suitable for running, fitness, and gym workout. This legging is designed to stretch and move while supporting sleek performance style. Its tight elastic design tucks the butt and contours the legs. The fabric used absorbs sweat quickly and dries it to remove odors.



Buyer says: I wore them today and they are comfortable. The high waistband feels perfect, the quality of material is quite good, and it feels soft on the legs. During workouts, it is super stretchy, sense and forgives my cellulite.

Casual Heart Shape leggings are form flattering, high waisted leggings that will amp up your workout routine. It offers ultimate comfort during low and high-intensity workouts. While wearing these you will feel the support, power and extra motivation to breakthrough workout goals. Casual Heart Shape leggings do a great job with wicking away sweat and keeping you relaxed and boosted throughout the workout. It lifts and contours the body perfectly with its elastic fit easy design.



Buyer says: I’m very pleased with this legging. It fits me well and is long enough. There is no see-through, fabric feels great and I’ve put this through several washes, twisted it and it looks unchanged. If you are looking for an expensive alternative, this is the way to go.

Abstract Leopard Print leggings come from the premium selection of gorgeous and amazingly colorful leggings. While being super comfy, it brings out your unique personality and makes you feel special. They can be worn for yoga, workout, or as casual or club leggings. Like any other legging, it supports all the ergonomic aspects such as sweat absorption, tummy tuck, butt lift, and is machine washable.



Buyer says: This legging is true to size, color, photo and what’s in the description. It is soft, pulls up above the hips and is well knitted, so there is no see-through.

This is a vibrant eye-catching legging that pops up warmth and style. It is affordable and suits any of the workout lifestyle. It feels super soft and seamlessly coordinates while doing stretches. It clings at the right spot on the ankles and runs through the calves, butt and hips along the contour. These can be washed and dried easily. When one wants to gear up for serious fitness activity, Don’t Stop Leggings provide absolute flexibility and extra motivation for the workout.



Buyer says: I love these leggings. The pink and light combination looks awesome and is inspiring. There are no imperfections, it doesn’t fade, and fits pretty close to the body.

Multicolor Women Leggings are a trendsetting, chic, tight, and flexible leggings designed by world-class designers. Everything you need to perform, work and practice can be done by wearing these leggings. They are versatile and so are suitable for running, fitness, yoga, gym workout and as causal. It fabric is knitted and the legging’s length runs up to ankle. The high waisted design sculpts the bum and gives flattering aesthetics.



Buyer says: These are really comfy and I love the high waist. The quality of design is great and it is suitable for my athletic body. It holds my legs nice and stays firm during low and high impact workouts.

Angle Wings Push Up Legging is a popular choice among sporting and bodybuilding enthusiasts. The tough elastic high legging with 3D extravagant angle wing prints makes it suitable for daily workout and strength training. It has an ankle length and is high waisted to offer support to the belly. On wearing it takes the shape of the body perfectly and projects the best shape of a person. It is a legging that has gotten 100% satisfaction rating. Along with gym training, it is also suited for casual use, yoga and running.



Buyer says: As an avid runner, I found something breathable, comfortable and easy to wash. The material wicks moisture well and definitely the shape it offers while I put on is flattering. It is completely opaque on the backside, and passes bend and squat test with no problems.

If one wants to feel amazingly fit on the day one, go on and get the High Waist Push Up Legging. Its high waist design will make you look lean, long and lovely in an instant. It enhances butt and boosts the body’s look to build confidence and motivation. The hidden compression fitting inside the elastic tucks the tummy and makes you look slim. It is made of moisture wicking material that is stretchy, insanely breathable and comfortable. Thanks to independent designers for the patchwork at the calf muscles to give more comfort while running and squatting.



Buyer says: Booty Day Leggings are the best. I have bought a lot of leggings over the years, and they were all different from the seller’s description. Booty Day Leggings is not turning loose, fading, developing holes or irritating my skin. Thanks to that!

Booty Day leggings made with unique textured fabrics is available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes. It is designed for ideal physical performance. This activewear lifts the booty and flatters all types of body structures. It accentuates natural shape and slims your waist instantly with its high waistband. Booty Day Legging is durable and can be worn every day. It lasts many washes, is thick and durable. No matter the size, it stays intact on every stretch and wiggle.



Buyer says: It is the cutest legging I’ve bought. It is soft, supportive, and doesn’t not constrict. I’m enjoying bottle like curves with tummy control, sweat absorption and breathable fabric.

This is a feminine and fashionable legging with floral prints. It is a favorite of many for yoga, running, gym working, marathons and spin classes. Flower Leaf print legging is a perfect solution of women who are looking for an athletic, long lasting legging with artsy prints. It is an exceptional fit and sweat absorbent. Flower Leaf Print Legging does not lose its stretching ability when one burns calories and body temperature increases. It shapes your butt, curve and tummy by compressing the body shape. It makes you look classy and chic.



Buyer say: These leggings are soft and comfortable. I like the fact that these absorb sweat, there is no see-through and have a fully encased elastic.

Ribbon printed high waist legging is made with premium quality breathable fabric. It sculpts your body and gives a soft nylon feel. It is one of the hottest selections of high waisted workout leggings on queen ruler. The best thing about this legging is it has a high waist elastic that pushes in extra tummy fat gives a sleek and slim look. The legging is nontransparent so there will no seethrough on wearing these. Whether you want to do hundred squats, run a mile or perform any type of workout, this legging is reliable to support you with comfort and style. The fabric used is durable, stretchy and absorbs sweat.

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